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Hello Everyone!  my name is Reuben Lopez a.k.a Kongnificent. Music and gaming seem to be by two biggest passions in life at the moment. This website is dedicated to music and video gaming. I make hip-hop and electronic beats and ill be posting them in the background of all my videos. In the future they will be for sale in the shop. Along with KongGaming merchandise. take a look around be sure to hit up the blog section of our website thats where most of our content will be until we get everything where it needs to be. Thank you for your patience and as always have a great day! ~CHIA


In the mean time check out this awesome video by our sponsor ItzForce

Link Here

Boss Fight Brenna Daudi -Fire Troll

The hardest part of the fight is the shadow warriors you actually have to deal with them first before dealing…

God of War 4: The Pit Of Death

Alright, so this part is a REAL pain in the ass. If you try to hack and slash your way…

Winning Small Mylta Power

Hello again! This is Kongnificent bringing you some tips and tricks to win one of my favorite drop spots. Small…

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